“You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. […]
I’ve just re-read Britt Sevitt’s book, ‘More to Life: A Skeptic’s Journey from Depression to Spiritual Awakening’ Contrary to what […]
I’ve just read Phil Knight’s ‘SHOE DOG’, ‘A MEMOIR BY THE CREATOR OF NIKE’, and what a book, what story, […]
“This morning’s run, No fun, Body heating up, frying, My bones crying, Feeling inside like I was dying. Why? I’m […]
“Acquaintances don’t live in your heart, your soul, they live in your brain, they’re off when it rains. Friendship, that’s […]
As a transformational/motivation coach, I’m not the sage on the stage, I’m the guide by your side and, in that […]
“Is Anyone Self-Made?  The guy who came from nowhere, the one who made the grade,  is he self-made?  The girl […]
“You don’t want a husband, you want a wife,no problem – it’s YOUR life,listen to your soul, to its voice,it […]
“The holy grail, an escape from going stale, peace of mind, you will find, if your body, mind, soul and […]
“Went left, not right,What a plight!Went right, not left, I was bereft!I left, didn’t stay,Why didn’t I obey?I stayed, didn’t leave,Why […]