“Acquaintances don’t live in your heart, your soul,

they live in your brain,

they’re off when it rains.

Friendship, that’s made in your soul,

friends make you feel whole.

Friends give, they don’t lend,

they’ll stand next to you till the end of time,

friends get their own poem,

they are celebrated in rhyme.

I miss the guys – and the girls – back in Blighty,

tears in my eyes, oh gosh almighty I do!

Oops, Tony’s in Hong Kong, I got the Blighty bit wrong!

Netty, Nick, Paul and Tony,

if only I could see you once in a while,

Corona put paid to that,

my plans for this Summer didn’t ‘alf fall flat!

Ray, I look forward to the day when I can see you again,

Lloyd, I get annoyed when I think of how long it has been!

And you, Dayan, you are the man!

Too many to mention,

don’t question my allegiance,

don’t doubt the love,

you guys fit me like a glove!

My friends, to me, they mean so much,

we’re as close to each other as Starsky is to Hutch.

Absence DOES make the heart grow fonder,

and the longer the absence, the fonder the heart.

Point is, I miss you,

but we are together and will be forever. 

I think of you all the time,

to forget you would be a crime!

You live in my heart, in my soul, 

our friendship is as enduring as a lump of coal.

So we don’t see each other,

but you are, as one, my sister and my brother.

Don’t forget WhatsApp, Skype and Zoom,

we can get together in the same virtual room.

Stay in touch, Starsky, stay in touch, Hutch,

seriously, I miss you all so much!”


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