20 years ago, 7 February 2001, a day that is etched in my memory, I came to the end of […]
“Want to feel alive, Live in the moment like you did when you were five, Feel excitement, Thrive? Get out […]
This is so true: “We Generate Fears While We Sit. We Overcome Them By Action.” – Dr. Henry Link. Don’t […]
“Bucket list, I don’t want to die with these opportunities missed, So imagine the doc says “You’ve got just a […]
“Many people argue that there are no miracles today, but I think that that’s an odd thing to say; I […]
“Up at half five for a run early morning, my alarm startled me out of my snoring, out before the […]
“Oh how I wish I’d been diagnosed with ADHD when I was at school, Rather than having the teachers label […]
“It’s all about getting into sync your body, mind, heart and soul, It’s about authenticity and feeling whole, Allowing your […]