“Is Anyone Self-Made? 

The guy who came from nowhere, the one who made the grade, 

is he self-made? 

The girl who came from nowhere,

who wrote bestsellers which scare, 

is she self-made? 

Did they do it on their own, 

did they do it alone? 

NO – unseen, it’s always a team. 

I don’t care who you are, 

I think you’ve got a guiding star, 

a mentor, a coach, a motivator, an inspiration, 

might be a relation, a teacher, a preacher, 

perhaps a musician, a magician, 

a professor, a hairdresser, 

could be an author, an economist, 

someone sane, someone round the twist, 

I think there’s always someone there, 

at the start, 

in the wings, 

someone who guides you, 

who talks, who sings, 

someone who believes in you, 

in what you’re doing, 

there to calm you, 

stop you stewing, 

there when you are lonely from time to time, 

there when you make your very first dime, 

or when you win an Oscar for the third time. 

I think there is someone whom you look up to 

for inspiration, courage and support, 

when you ought to be ok but you’re not, 

someone who’s there to stop the rot. 

The mentor need not even be alive, 

he or she might be dead 

but be living on in your heart and your head. 

There’s always someone there, 

someone who cares, 

who wants you to succeed, 

who believes, 

who shares your needs. 

No, I don’t believe that anyone goes it alone, 

I don’t think that winners ever truly did it on their own. “

– Koby 

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