I’ve just re-read Britt Sevitt’s book, ‘More to Life: A Skeptic’s Journey from Depression to Spiritual Awakening’

Contrary to what some people might think, the book is not just about depression, it is about so much more, it’s upbeat, inspiring and exciting, it is about the vision of an ‘awakened’ person, it’s highly thought-provoking, it is a book about life, meaning, about so much that is important to all of us. Britt’s is a powerful voice, she is the real deal. She is important, it is crucial that people read what she has to say – she has seen, she has felt, ‘beyond’. I put Britt up there with the likes of Thich Nhat Hanh and other sages – I’m not exaggerating, I really do. 

Britt does talk about her depression:

“For me, it (depression) was waking up in the morning not having any good reason to get out of bed. Any reason could be used as an excuse to beat myself up. I told myself I was an awful mum, awful wife, awful daughter, awful employee, and my family was better off without me ruining their lives. I felt useless. Everyone was actually better off without me. No one could say anything to make me feel better. Inside my sick head, everything anyone tried to say to make me feel good was twisted into an insult.

…My hyperactive thoughts were endless. Incessant. Relentless….There were times when I want to hit myself over the head with a hammer just to stop the damn voices in my head. An endless stream of thoughts about how useless and worthless I was barraged me all day long. I was in a constant state of stress…My negative thoughts took over my life….My thoughts were slowly killing me”,

but her awakening and her insight following her awakening are inspiring, exciting, electrifying: 

“I felt amazing (after the third session of chakra meditation). I can only describe it as some kind of heavenly bliss. It was like a switch had been flicked and I was no longer remotely anxious or depressed. I was having a spiritual awakening and I realised that my life was never going to be the same again…”

“How do you describe a spiritual awakening? There is no language for it on Earth…but I will try. 

It felt as if there was a huge, powerful, white light source above my head showering unconditional love, bliss, and inner peace on me. It seemed clear to me that this source of light was what people refer to as God, The Creator or Source. I was filled with a huge sense of awe. Not fear at all – but pure wonder, amazement, and reverence…” 

On self-esteem:

“Self-esteem will thrive only when we are listening to that inner voice, our soul, pulling us to do what we are meant to be doing with our life. That is, when we come into alignment with our true selves, not the influence, the conditioning, and the person everyone else expects or wants us to be…”

On depression, in hindsight:

“I believe that one aspect of depression is often our soul calling and pulling at us. It is telling us that we are off course and are not heading down the path we are meant to be on. When we are disconnected from our soul, we are disconnected from the God part of us. Deep down our souls know all the answers, why we are here, what we are here to do, experience and work on. When we are not following our heart, our intuition, and our passions we are disconnected from our soul…

….Depression is asking us to tune in with ourselves. To find and speak our truth. Not to ignore our soul pulling at us…

…and Britt has much to say on other elements of living and life: one possible prescription for a physically, mentally and spiritually healthy life, though she does say in her book that people have to find their own way. Lots here to think about, to ponder…

Britt’s story, her experiences, her journey, it’s all fascinating and I heartily recommend her book.

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