Client Testimonials

“Koby, a step in the right direction and, with your help, really, it has pushed me to change my habits. I really mean it. You said that it’s not your job, that it’s outside your remit, to help someone give up smoking but you have given me an incentive to change my life, or an area of my life, so I’m thankful to you as you gave me a chance to reflect on what I want and don’t want. Life coaching has made me think…”

Ra’anana, Israel

“From our very first zoom session, Koby made me feel at ease and really think about what I wanted to focus on, and ultimately achieve. During a particularly difficult time in my life, he helped me gain perspective and move forward to the next part of my journey with positivity and a general feeling of empowerment. I thank you, Koby, so much for helping me, it was a great experience!”


“Having Koby as a coach has been really helpful.
Talking to him helped me realize what I really want to do in life and what direction I must take. I’ve been thinking about what I really want to do in life and Koby convinced me that I need to pursue what I want to do in life and what I enjoy and not what others expect of me. As a coach Koby is extremely easy to talk to and he understands and listens very well, I couldn’t have asked for a better coach.”


“I can wholeheartedly recommend Koby as a life coach. He has a great ability to listen carefully, understand the situation quickly and assist a person in the process of looking at the issue in different perspectives, in order to make the right decision. The depth of his personal and professional experiences contribute to the high quality of his coaching. When you have Koby, you really feel that you have someone on your side.”


“As a transformational life coach, Koby has a unique way of encouraging, motivating and inspiring through his sessions. He is very approachable and creates a comfortable atmosphere for sharing my feelings and challenges. I enter my sessions feeling stuck and unmotivated and throughout our conversation, he helps me uncover what is holding me back and helps me become re-motivated towards my goals. Koby has partnered with me as I take on seemingly difficult tasks and is a supportive, listening ear, helping me be accountable and staying the course. Thanks, Koby, for supporting and re-energizing me!”



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